Delta Electronics, Inc. has been providing Mississippi schools and colleges with video solutions for over 30 years. Delta Electronics, Inc. is your local dealer. We provide sales, installation, and support. We also offer rentals to reinforce your systems for critical event coverage, such as sports games, graduations, and other events.

Nowadays, live video streaming is one of the best ways to reach a wide audience for your events. Our goal is to provide schools with an up-to-date, reliable live video streaming technology the most affordable way possible.

Our single-camera streaming solutions have been a success with schools in Mississippi for over six years. We offer a line-up of professional cameras that feature built-in video-over-IP transmission technology. Equipped with wireless transmitters, these cameras will allow to go live from any location on and around the school’s campus. The absence of wires makes it safe and quick to deploy — you will be ready to provide coverage of live events in minutes. Wireless systems run on dedicated frequencies and will not compromise the security or bandwidth of the school’s Wi-Fi. The cameras feature built-in score generators and lower-third graphic overlays to give your production an instant broadcast look.Delta Electronics, Inc. has been providing Mississippi schools and colleges with video solutions for over 30 years. Delta Electronics, Inc. is your local dealer. We provide sales, installation, and support. We also offer rentals to reinforce your systems for critical event coverage, such as sports games, graduations, and other events.

The benefits of using these systems include

  • an opportunity to promote the school’s important events;
  • production-quality video with embedded real-time game scores and lower-third graphic overlays, streamed to Facebook, YouTube, or any other CDN (content delivery network);
  • the affordability of equipment — the entry-level one-camera package starts at $1,995.00;
  • use of the school’s LAN, no cellular or other subscription fees, easy to operate;capability to add second / third cameras, video-over-IP switcher with replay, etc.;
  • and an opportunity to train the students in modern live video production, and possibly post-production, technology.

Our system starts with one camera that streams directly to a content delivery networks (CDN) such as YouTube, Facebook, cable TV, etc. The camera setup will be customized for each school through the collaboration with each school’s IT department and will be ready to be used upon receipt.

JVC's HM250U camera

  • gives you remote control and monitoring of vital camera and lens functions from a tablet, smartphone, or computer anywhere in the world;
  • enables live streaming in HD or lower resolutions, depending on available bandwidth;
  • JVC's Advanced Streaming Technology (AST) includes Zixi powered Forward Error Correction with ARQ, and SMPTE 2022 forward error correction delivering high quality streams even under challenging conditions;
  • RTMP protocol makes it easier than ever to deliver your live streams to CDN’s such as Facebook, YouTube and IBM Cloud;
  • designed for enhanced single-camera production;
  • offers lower-third and full-screen titling solutions for recorded or streamed HD video output without an external CG or production switcher;
  • lower-third graphic overlays are generated and controlled using a browser-equipped device such as a tablet or smartphone; 
  • JVC's software utility lets customers upload logos or icons to be displayed in the lower-third of the recorded video;
  • comes with several pre-installed color schemes and the ability to add your own text bar designs also exists;
  • perfect for streaming broadcast news, weddings, school, family and church events, or literally any occasion you want to share live!

JVC's GY-HM250SP camera is a complete, innovative, and affordable sports production camera that produces professional quality coverage of sporting events. In addition to all the features of GY-HM250U, GY-HM250SP enables you to

  • create instant score overlays for most sports, such as

Football overlay:

Basketball overlay:

Soccer, Field Hockey, Wrestling overlay:

Volleyball (and others) overlay with no clock:

  • customize with your team's logo;
  • and make a web-based score entry from a smartphone or tablet.

Full Screen Overlays and Slide Shows

  • Add up to 50 full screen custom graphics (PNG or JPG format) from an SD card and store them in the camera for live streaming or recording in the HD mode.
  • Graphics may be advanced manually or presented as a looping slideshow with timing 1-99 seconds per slide.
  • Create advertising to run as banners during the game, or full screen at halftime. Introduce the team members with a slideshow of players' photos and position.
  • Place a watermark anywhere on the screen--even while doing lower-third score overlays.
  • Use PowerPoint or any photo editing software to produce graphics and save it as a series of image files.
  • PNG graphics provide the most flexibility for creating overlays because they allow you to create transparent backgrounds.
  • Full-screen graphics are saved at 960x540 and upscaled to 1920x1080 (1080p mode), or 640x360 and upscaled to 1280x720 (720p mode).

Score Overlays and Customization*

  • Produce a real-time score overlay on recorded and streamed HD video for a variety of popular sporting events.
  • The overlay is produced for both the streamed and recorded video simultaneously. If desired, the overlay can be placed over the streamed video only, leaving the recorded video without graphics. The camera comes with 3 standard home/guest graphic templates.
  • You can manually type in the Home and Guest team names for each event.* JVC has released PC application software which enables the user to store up to 90 team names and logo bitmaps within the camera. The user can then select "left" and "right" teams from this stored list within the camera. The cost of this PC software is included in the purchase price of the camera, and is available as a free download to owners of the GY-HM250SP.

During the game, the camera operator keeps the score updated using an external Wi-fi®* connected mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. It is also possible for the camera to interface directly to the venue's own scoreboard controller through the optional ScoreBot™ from Sportzcast.

*Optional Wi-Fi® adapter or other suitable network connection and adapter required. Tablet or other browser-equipped device required. Score overlays are not available in 4K Ultra HD recording mode.

ProHD Bridge PB-CELL200 allows schools to stream content confidently over two cellular and Wi-Fi connections when playing away games. Such equipment as a software video switcher can be used simultaneously with the cameras.

Adding ScoreBot™ allows schools to automatically update the score graphics in real time.

Adding JVC PTZ KY-PZ100BU cameras and Unity Intercom gives schools the capability to connect all the cameras to the video switchers over Wi-Fi.

We stand behind our solutions and will offer complete support in terms of warranty and after-warranty repair. We will also provide support training. It is highly recommended that each school designate a teacher to be trained in the current technologies and operating the equipment.

Please contact us, we are looking forward to supplying your video streaming needs.