We’re Delta Electronics,

A Professional Multimedia & Communication Solutions Company

Since 1980, Delta Electronics has been providing high-quality post-production equipment and services to industry professionals for more than three decades. Delta Electronics is dedicated to helping clients with communication solutions through video, audio, and multimedia products and systems and delivering these at a fair price.


We offer sales, design and installation, and ongoing customer support. Our experienced staff will help you find the exact system for your project.

Live Streaming

Our goal is to provide clients with an up-to-date, reliable live video streaming technology in the most affordable way possible.

Video Equipment Sales

Whether you need new or used cinema or broadcast equipment, Delta Electronics will help you get the right gear for your production needs!

Equipment Rental

We have a variety of rental equipment and will gladly help you find the best product for your needs. Our experienced staff members will help you select the right equipment.

Design & Installation

Our experienced staff will help you find the exact system to fit your needs. We provide quality design and installation with post-production service.

Video and Audio Repair

Our in-shop repair is done by qualified technicians who are experienced in servicing a range of professional equipment, from entry-level to high-end.

Any Video Format Conversion

We can encode any media format you need. Your video footage will be encoded to a computer file to suit your final application.

We provide high-quality solutions to the following markets:

  • Broadcast Companies
  • Production Companies
  • Business Offices
  • Educational Institutions
  • Houses of Worship
  • Hospitals
  • Government and Military facilities


Delta Electronics offers a wide range of equipment to meet the video and audio production needs of schools in Mississippi. With the instructional focus in mind, we sell, install and maintain cameras, teleprompters, switchers, audio boards, lighting, video playback and editing systems. Delta Electronics has a wealth of experience in integrating video and audio production studio systems into classrooms.


Delta Electronics uses the latest video and audio technologies to offer Mississippi churches video and audio systems of the highest quality. Video systems we install enable churches to record and reproduce their services, concerts, and events on a high professional level. We can equip the video systems we install with high-resolution graphics projectors and large projection screens. We also offer Mississippi churches cutting-edge video-editing and production equipment for editing and producing their own video, using the footage from their events. In addition, Delta Electronics offers customized audio-system solutions to churches in Mississippi. Our audio systems allow our clients to record high-quality professional sound and make redistributing and managing recordings easy. We provide maintenance and training for all the systems we sell and install.

Government Facilities

Delta Electronics offers expertise, support, and a wide range of products, which enables us to provide audio and video solutions for government facilities in Mississippi. Many years of experience in selling, installing, and maintaining audio and video production studio systems along with the expertise and insight of our technicians support these services. Among our clients are the Mississippi Senate and House of Representatives and the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

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